Simply the best PKI Management platform in the world

CA Independent Certificate implementation, distribution and management

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KeyTalk offers insight, overview, convenience and control

Is your organisation struggling with PKI Management?

Our powerful Certificate Key Management System (CKMS) makes implementation, distribution and management of certificates easy.

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Globally patented technology

100% control over your PKI Management

It is our mission to make PKI Management not only as best as possible, but also as simple as possible. We have been doing this for over 15 years, independently of Certificate Authorities (CAs), for millions of users and devices worldwide.

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KeyTalk CKMS

KeyTalk Certificate Key Management System (CKMS) is designed to make certificate implementation, distribution and management simple, efficient and accurate.


Secure e-mail

If you happen to share privacy or business-sensitive information by e-mail (like any other company…), then encryption and digital signing of your e-mails is a must. KeyTalk makes truly secure e-mail possible for any organization.


Smart Security Scan

Do you have a clear image of the vulnerabilities of your (web) applications and network environment? The KeyTalk Smart Security Scan will help you.

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Unidentified PKI certificates in your network are a major continuity risk

Unidentified PKI certificates in your network are a major continuity risk

In many organizations, the responsibility for the PKI IT infrastructure lies with one or two IT administrators.It is not uncommon for servers to suddenly become inaccessible after several years because the certificates that ensure a secure PKI infra. Read more