Our customers

Our customers

PKI management services are usually complex and go hand in hand with sensitive information. Below, you will find a brief selection of our customers.

Are you looking for specific business cases or are you interested in what we can do for your organisation? Feel free to contact us, we are happy to think along with you!

Thyssenkrupp Elevator, Germany & GlobalKeyTalk CKMS, authentication certificates

Thyssenkrupp Elevator made the news in 2021 due to being sold by its parent company Thyssenkrupp to an investment consortium for 17.2 billion Euro, which made it completely independent. TKE was looking for a cloud based certificate management solution to provide its 30,000+ workplaces in more than a 1,000 locations worldwide with short-lived authentication certificates. The three-year deal for the KeyTalk CKMS, which automatically installs the GlobalSign self-signed machine certificates via the native KeyTalk – MS Intune integration in all workplaces, and replaces them every 5 days, is one of the biggest contracts for KeyTalk.

Visit their websiste here.

CONET, Germany - internal S/MIME auto enrollment & management for internal end-to-end encryptionSecure Email Service, internal S/MIME management

CONET, Germany

What CONET has to say;

CONET has its own unmistakable identity, which we have laid down in our corporate constitution. It defines our guiding principles, our mission , our vision and lays down common rules for working together at CONET – our culture .

This culture defines the “rules” of cooperation and formulates our standards of cooperation in our teams and with our customers. It emphasizes the personal responsibility of the individual, ensures that our employees can optimally use their potential in their daily work and is reflected, among other things, in a good working atmosphere and high customer satisfaction.

In constant comparison with the requirements of the market, our strategy grows from the foundations of the corporate constitution, from which short and medium-term operational goals are derived, and also our understanding of CONET as a high-performance, reliable and attractive employer – our employer branding. We see all this as our common task and the basis of our cooperation – our CONET LIFE , in which people work for and with people!

The KeyTalk Solution

CONET was looking for software to automatically request, issue, enroll, configure and manage internal S/MIME certificates for more then 1.200 employees for internal end-to-end encryption of email.

You can visit their website here. 



Marel, IcelandKeyTalk CKMS

Marel, originally from Iceland, develops innovative systems and solutions for the processing of poultry, meat and fish. They do this with approximately 6,000 employees on six continents.

KeyTalk has been providing VPN access for 3,500 users for more than ten years.

Cymotive Technologies, IsraelSecure E-mail Service

Israeli Cymotive Technologies is active worldwide in the field of cybersecurity in the automotive industry, among others as a Trusted Security Partner of Volkswagen.

In collaboration with GMO GlobalSign, we provide our Secure Email Service from KeyTalk to 200+ users around the world.

MedinCell, France KeyTalk CKMS, S/MIME certificate enrollment and management via Workspace One (MDM) integration

About MedinCell®

MedinCell® is a pharmaceutical company at premarketing stage that develops innovative long-acting injectable medicines in many therapeutic areas. Products of our portfolio are based on our BEPO® technology and aim to ensure patient compliance, improve the effectiveness and accessibility of treatments, and reduce their environmental footprint. We collaborate with tier one pharmaceuticals companies and foundations to improve Global Health through new therapeutic options.

The KeyTalk Solution

MedinCell was looking for an application to automatically request and enroll their Level 2 Pro S/MIME certificates from GlobalSign via a native integration with their MDM Workspace ONE to all their employee’s devices.

Finance in Motion

Finance in Motion, GermanySecure E-mail Service

Asset manager Finance in Motion operates worldwide with a focus on financing sustainable development. With 200+ employees, they operate from 17 offices around the world.

In cooperation with GMO GlobalSign, we deliver our Secure Email Service from KeyTalk to 200+ users.

Logo RDW

The RDW, The NetherlandsKeyTalk CKMS

RDW is the Netherlands Vehicle Authority in the mobility chain. RDW has developed extensive expertise through its years of experience in executing its statutory and assigned tasks. Tasks in the area of the licensing of vehicles and vehicle parts, supervision and enforcement, registration, information provision and issuing documents.

RDW uses the KeyTalk CKMS to have real time insights in their PKI certificates and crypto keys, used for the issuance of vehicle and driver licensing.

Logo Trafigura

Trafigura, United Kingdom, SingaporeSecure Email Service, Digital Signing of Email with secure email certificates and auto configuration of email disclaimer

Trafigura Group is a multinational commodity trading company founded in 1993 that trades in base metals and energy. It is the world’s second largest private oil trader after Vitol and the world’s largest private metals trader.
Trafigura operates 65 offices in 36 countries.

Trafigura uses the KeyTalk CKMS to automatically request, distribute and configure secure email certificates (S/MIME) to all (>9.000) user devices, so they can be used for digital signing of all emails. During installation and configuration on MS Outlook for windows, the company specific email disclaimer is auto-adjusted by the KeyTalk client for Windows.



DLR Kredit, Denmark, CopenhagenManagement of SSL/TLS certificates and Secure Email Services


They provide loans for agricultural and urban real estate against mortgages based on the issue of bonds.

Their lending areas are agricultural properties (agriculture and horticulture) and urban real estate, etc. (private home rental properties, condominiums, office and business properties, industrial and craft properties, and general housing).

DLR Kredit (formerly the danish agricultural mortgage fund) was established in 1960. the creation was initiated by the banking and savings bank associations (now finans danmark) and was a result of several years of prior considerations on the agricultural credit conditions.

DLR Kredit uses the KeyTalk CKMS to manage the SSL/TLS certificates on their servers. They have a variety of servers; Windows with IIS web servers, Windows servers with IBM HTTP (IBM WebSphere) servers and RedHat Enterprise with Apache en Tomcat web servers.