Unsere Kunden

Unsere Kunden

PKI-Verwaltungsdienste sind in der Regel komplex und beinhalten den Umgang mit sensiblen Informationen. Unten finden Sie eine kurze Auswahl unserer Kunden.

Wenn Sie spezifische Geschäftsfälle suchen oder neugierig darauf sind, was wir für Ihre Organisation tun können, zögern Sie nicht, uns zu kontaktieren. Wir helfen Ihnen gerne weiter!

TK Elevator, Germany headquarters, and all branches worldwide.KeyTalk CKMS, certificate based device authentication (DA) for all user devices through integration with Intune - Private root certificates from GlobalSign are used with a connection via KeyTalk CKMS.

TKE, independent since 2021 after the sale from the former Thyssen Krupp parent company. Their slogan “Engineering that keeps the world moving.” This is what TKE tells about themselves:

“We are driven by what moves people. By what moves the world in ever-growing cities. We provide better access and new ways to travel longer distances. With clear solutions for increasingly complex infrastructures. We work with a service-oriented approach and always use our knowledge for the benefit of our customers. We strive for improvement, every day anew. This is who we are. This is TK Elevator. Engineering that keeps the world moving.”

TKE was looking for a cloud-based certificate management solution to provide its 30,000+ workstations at over 1,000 locations worldwide with short-lived authentication certificates. The three-year contract for the KeyTalk CKMS, which automates the installation and renewal of GlobalSign machine certificates on all workstations every 25 days, is one of the largest contracts for KeyTalk.

At TKE, a solution based on a private root from GlobalSign is provided. Through integration with the GlobalSign Atlas platform, the certificates are managed by the KeyTalk CKMS and then further distributed to MS Intune for installation on various devices, including Windows, Mac OS X, Android, and iOS. The usage is growing daily, with ultimately more than 40,000 devices being supported.

For more information, visit the TKE website.

TenneT TSO, Netherlands / GermanyFor TenneT TSO we provide our Secure Email Service (SES) and Device Authentication, together with DigiCert, and service 15.000+ S/MIME certificates and 5.000+ device authentication certificates.

As the Transmission System Operator (TSO) for the Netherlands, and a significant part of Germany, TenneT owns and operates over 25,000 kilometres of high-voltage lines and cables. We deliver electricity to 43 million domestic and business users, safely and reliably, 24 hours a day and 365 days a year. With over 7,400 employees in two countries, we are driven by our mission to ensure the lights stay on and that power is available, at the flick of a switch, whenever and wherever you need it. Find out more about our organisation

In 2022 we won, together with our global partner DigiCert, a European tender issued by TenneT TSO.  Besides all kind of digital certificate issuance for document signing, codesigning and TLS/SSL certificates, the primary use case was to support and manage the 15.000+ S/MIME certificates needed for the coming 5 years. Crucial was the full automation of request, enrollment and configuration of the S/MIME certificates on the new standardized Windows/365 workstations and laptops and a seamless integration with MS Intune for deploying identical S/MIME certificates to mobile devices.

Because of the successful relationship KeyTalk was asked to also provide a device authentication solution for 5.000 user/devices of the German branche of TenneT, to replace a physical token solution.

Wanzl, GermanyKeyTalk CKMS, internal authentication, and TLS/SSL certificate management.

The products of Wanzl set quality standards for customers all over the world. As a result, Wanzl has become one of the leading international partners, and the company’s quality brand name MADE BY WANZL is now well-known in a wide range of other industries. Meanwhile, Wanzl offers more than 100,000 products, solutions, and innovations with uncompromising quality for the following industries:

  • Shop Solutions
  • Retail Systems
  • Logistics + Industry
  • Airport
  • Access Solutions
  • Hotel Service

As a third-generation family-owned business with over 5,000 employees, global production locations, and sales offices, our customers benefit from a solid foundation. We offer a long-term focused business policy with high flexibility and innovation capacity.

For Wanzl, KeyTalk provides internal authentication certificates for 3,000+ devices and also manages external public TLS/SSL certificates.

See also the Wanzl website.

Rohde & Schwarz, GermanyKeyTalk CKMS is used for device/user authentication (DA) based on TPM key attestation for Linux workstations to securely logon to MS Teams.

Rohde & Schwarz develops, manufactures, and sells a wide range of electronic capital goods. With its extensive product portfolio, the company makes a significant contribution to a safer and connected world. In the test and measurement, secure communication, networks and cybersecurity, and broadcast and media markets, customers worldwide rely on Rohde & Schwarz and its advanced solutions. In addition to its established business areas, Rohde & Schwarz has substantially invested in future technologies such as artificial intelligence, the industrial internet of things (IIoT), 6G, cloud solutions, and quantum technology.

For Rohde & Schwarz, KeyTalk has specifically extended its KeyTalk CKMS with a highly innovative feature. Given the nature of their products and services, it is crucial for Rohde & Schwarz that internal communication via solutions like MS Teams can take place very securely. At the request of R&S, the KeyTalk CKMS is now able to issue internal authentication certificates for Linux workstations of R&S engineers, where the private key of the certificate is secured according to the “TPM Key Attestation” principle. This ensures a maximum level of security for MS Teams sessions. R&S had been looking for a solution in this area for more than 2 years and, due to the flexibility and high expertise of the KeyTalk development team, now has an excellent solution for this requirement.

You can visit their website for more info.

Cymotive, Israel, GermanyCymotive was one of the first companies that made use of our Secure Email Service (SAS) where S/MIME certificates from GlobalSign are provided.

Israeli Cymotive Technologies operates globally in the field of cybersecurity in the automotive industry, including being a ‘Trusted Security Partner’ of Volkswagen.

In collaboration with GMO GlobalSign, we provide our Secure Email Service (SES) to 250+ users worldwide from KeyTalk since 2019.

For more information you can visit their website.

CONET, GermanyCONET makes use of our Secure Email Service (SAS) strictly for internal end-to-end encrypted communication, for this they use KeyTalk private S/MIME certificates.

CONET has its own unmistakable identity, which we have laid down in our corporate constitution. It defines our guiding principles, our mission , our vision and lays down common rules for working together at CONET – our culture .

This culture defines the “rules” of cooperation and formulates our standards of cooperation in our teams and with our customers. It emphasizes the personal responsibility of the individual, ensures that our employees can optimally use their potential in their daily work and is reflected, among other things, in a good working atmosphere and high customer satisfaction.

In constant comparison with the requirements of the market, our strategy grows from the foundations of the corporate constitution, from which short and medium-term operational goals are derived, and also our understanding of CONET as a high-performance, reliable and attractive employer – our employer branding. We see all this as our common task and the basis of our cooperation – our CONET LIFE , in which people work for and with people!

CONET already used S/MIME certificates on a secure mail gate, for end-to-end encrypted communication with a few specific customers, however this mail gate solution could not offer end-to-end encryptions for all internal email communication of CONET. With KeyTalk Secure Email Service (SAS) all 1.600+ employees could easily get a private S/MIME certificate issued by KeyTalk CA, including auto configuration of Outlook.

Visit their website here.

Finance in Motion, GermanyFinance in Motion was the first customer KeyTalk could really help with the 'extended' Secure Email Service (SAS) for end-to-end email encryption to external contacts.

Finance in Motion is a global asset manager with a focus on sustainable development financing. With over a decade of specialist experience in generating positive change in emerging markets, they operate from 17 offices spread across the world.

In collaboration with GMO GlobalSign, we provide our Secure Email Service (SES) to 350+ users since 2019. Finance in Motion was the first customer to make use of the ‘extended’ Secure Email Service, where this version of the service offers a ‘Self Service Portal’ for all users so they can request for a S/MIME certificate for an external contact, by simply typing there email address, the SES would initiate a request to the CA issuing platform for a class 1 S/MIME certificate and the external contact would receive that certificate by email in just a few minutes.

The advantage is that you can setup an end-t0-end encrypted email conversation in a couple of minutes, even when the external contact did not have a S/MIME certificate before.

You can find more information on their website.

RDW, the NetherlandsRDW is using the KeyTalk CKMS to have an overview of all certificates and crypto keys they manage, furthermore they use the workflow option to help with the complex renewal of the digital certificates and crypto keys they use.

The RDW is the organization responsible for the registration of motorized vehicles and driving licenses in the Netherlands. RDW is an independent administrative body of the Dutch government. The name RDW is originally derived from the Dutch term “Rijksdienst voor het Wegverkeer,” which translates to the “National Service for Road Traffic.”

The RDW uses KeyTalk to have real-time insight into all certificates and cryptographic keys used by the RDW for issuing vehicle licenses and driving licenses.

You can visit their website here.

Logo Trafigura

Trafigura, United KingdomSecure Email Service (SES, digital email signing, and automatic configuration of email disclaimers for > 70 Trafigura companies.

Trafigura is a globally operating trading company, specialized in oil, minerals, and metals. The company has 66 offices in 38 countries with headquarters in Amsterdam, London, and Lucerne.

Trafigura uses the KeyTalk Secure Email Service (SAS) for the automatic deployment and configuration of secure email certificates (S/MIME), which are used for digitally signing all outgoing emails of > 9,000 employees. During the automatic configuration of the digital certificate in MS Outlook, the KeyTalk client for Windows also adjusts the company-specific email disclaimer.

You can visit their website here.

DLR Kredit, DenmarkDLR Kredit manages their 150+ TLS/SSL server certificates with the KeyTalk CKMS (CLM).

DLR Kredit is a mortgage bank owned by local and regional banks.
They provide loans for agricultural and urban real estate against mortgages based on bond issuance.

Their lending areas include agricultural properties (farming and horticulture) and urban real estate, etc. (private rental homes, apartments, office and commercial buildings, industrial and artisanal properties, and general housing).

DLR Kredit (formerly the Danish Agricultural Mortgage Fund) was founded in 1960. The establishment was initiated by the bank and savings bank associations (now Finans Danmark) and was the result of several years of prior considerations on agricultural credit terms.

DLR Kredit uses the KeyTalk CKMS to manage the SSL/TLS certificates on their servers (CLM). They have different servers; Windows with IIS webservers, Windows servers with IBM HTTP webservers, and RedHat Enterprise with Apache and Tomcat webservers. All servers are monitored by KeyTalk agents who take care of automatic renewal in case of revocation, expiration or accidental removal.

You can visit their website here.

MedinCell, FranceMedinCell makes use of Secure Email Service (SES) in combination with GlobalSign S/MIME certificates.

MedinCell is a pharmaceutical company at commercial stage. They develop a portfolio of long-acting injectables in various therapeutic areas. Their proprietary technology BEPO® aims to ensure patient compliance, improve the effectiveness and accessibility of treatments, and reduce their environmental footprint. They collaborate with tier-one pharmaceutical companies and foundations to improve Global Health through new therapeutic options.

MedinCell was the first customer to make use of KeyTalk’s API based integration with VMware Workspace ONE Mobile Device Management (MDM).

You can visit their website here.

Marel Foods, The Netherlands, Iceland.As one of the oldest customers, Marel uses KeyTalk's device authentication (DA) to establish VPN connections with their partners based on short-lived KeyTalk CA certificates.

Marel is a global leader in transforming the way food is processed.

They support the production of high quality, safe and affordable food by providing solutions, services and software to the poultry, meat and fish processing industries, in addition to the newly acquired verticles of pet food, aqua feed and plant-based proteins.

Sustainability is at the core of their business, their groundbreaking solutions reduce waste while improving yields and creating economic value.

With a network of around 8,000 people in over 30 countries, they’re always close by and ready to help. From the first spark of inspiration to implementing a solution, they’re committed to excellence in everything they do.

Over 15 years ago Marel was looking for a more secure VPN solution for their 3.000+ external partners. The KeyTalk CKMS was selected because it could issue short lived (<24 hours) private certificates for their VPN clients.

You can visit their website here.