Een goede start in 2020!

Een goede start in 2020!
31 jan ‘20

2020, een goede start voor KeyTalk

Daar waar 2019 al een prima jaar was voor KeyTalk met het verwelkomen van klanten als Deutsche Bahn, RWE en Liverpool Victoria, is het nieuwe jaar weer goed begonnen voor KeyTalk. Vorige week gaven de RDW in Nederland en Trafigura, een internationale handelsorganisatie, aan over te gaan tot de aanschaf van het KeyTalk CKMS.

Logo RDW

About the RDW

The Dutch RDW is a governmental organisation that takes care of all motorized vehicle registration and issues all drivers licenses.

Visit the RDW website
Trafigura logo

About Trafigura

Trafigura is a global trading company specializing in oil, minerals and metals.

Visit the Trafigura website

Product development

Our software development teams have been very productive and realized a number of important new functionalities in the latest KeyTalk product releases. The new features include:

  • Support for Thales / Safenet LUNA HSM, both the physical version and the Cloud (Data Protection on Demand) based HSM as a Service version.
  • Support for Azure AD as a source of authentication.
  • REST API support for integration with 3rd party management systems such as ServiceNow.
  • The new KeyTalk framework API specification, with this framework Certificate Service Providers (CSP’s) can easily integrate their issuing platform with the KeyTalk CKMS platform.
  • KeyTalk private CA, revocation support.
  • LDAP S / MIME address book improvements for monitoring, troubleshooting and Outlook integration.
  • Certificate network scanning clientless on ports, but also with a client for scanning (local) of all available certificate stores.


KeyTalk News

Keep following these monthly news blogs to stay up to date on all developments regarding the KeyTalk CKMS, the KeyTalk Smart Security Scan, the KeyTalk Secure LDAP S / MIME Service and the KeyTalk Secure Email Service that is delivered in collaboration with partners such as GlobalSign and Digicert QuoVadis.

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