Authentication to WiFi / Wired networks (802.1 x EAP/TLS) and VPN

Authentication to WiFi / Wired networks (802.1 x EAP/TLS) and VPN

WiFi/Wired networks and VPN: Authentication is often cumbersome and not secure enough. There’s another way!

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    Client certificate-based authentication ensures maximum security of access to your digital infrastructure. This applies to both wireless and wired networks (802.1 x EAP/TLS) and can also be applied to VPN networks.

    How does it work in practice?

    The IT organization arranges, whether or not via KeyTalk, a valid and trusted client authentication certificate. On the network side, the admin configures the use of client authentication certificates and limits them to a specific CA source.

    This authentication is hardly noticeable on the user’s side. When accessing the target application, connecting to a VPN or WiFi/Wired environment, the client certificate is requested and validated. Usually, this happens without the user noticing. After a positive validation, the user has direct access.

    Safety and ease of use

    The advantage of certificate-based authentication is twofold. On the one hand in the field of safety, but also regarding user-friendliness. This way, users don’t have to authenticate themselves over and over again. Most of the authentication occurs ‘underwater’, without the user noticing. This also happens, for example, when a connection is broken due to a temporary poor range, and the signal is strong enough again afterwards. A much more pleasant experience for the user than having to log in regularly.

    Technical details

    • Installation: Authentication to WiFi/Wired networks and VPN is usually achieved within a few hours. It does not matter how many users or access points are involved.
    • Applications: authentication and identification are suitable for internal WiFi and wired networks, authentication up to: VPN connections and e-business.

    Would you like to know more?

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