PKI Certificate Management

PKI Certificate Management

KeyTalk is Simply the best PKI Management Platform in the World. Curious on how we’ll make it happen?

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    KeyTalk makes PKI management simple, efficient and accurate. We do this in different ways:

    • CA independent: KeyTalk is independent of Certificate Authorities and linked to a large number of public CAs both GMO GlobalSign and Digicert QuoVadis. Switching between CAs is simple and easy, even when thousands of certificates and end-points are involved. A vendor lock-in is therefore no longer the case.
    • Internal CA: KeyTalk contains an internal CA for the generation of private certificates and keys. Did you use previously expensive public certificates for internal purposes? Or did you run into the limited functionality of Microsoft CS and other private CAs? Then, you will like our internal CA: private PKI certificate issuance.
    • Automated certificate lifecycle management (CLM): KeyTalk keeps track of the lifecycle of your certificates in a fully automated way. This way, you always have a complete and up to date overview of all your certificates, including the certificate name, SAN and validity. Also, things like used crypto keys and algorithms of internal and external certificates can be included.
    • Distribution to almost all (!) servers and end-points: from laptops, tablets and telephones to IoT devices and network equipment. Certificates can be issued to any possible end-point, the only condition is that the end-point makes contact with the KeyTalk server. This is not linked to the network domain, unlike for example Microsoft Certificate Server.
    • Key Roll-over: users can use the key associated with a certificate simply and fully automatically on various devices. Think of a laptop, a smartphone and other devices of a specific user. This technique is patented worldwide.
    • .. much more. KeyTalk offers the Secure Email Service and the Smart Security Scan – where both the service and the scan are logical additions to KeyTalk’s service and product portfolio.

    Technical details

    • The KeyTalk platform is modular. The basic server can run as a single operation to manage thousands of certificates. If you manage more than 100,000 certificates, you can easily set up a MySQL Db to expand its capacity to hundreds of millions of certificates.
    • High Availability has also been considered: you can deploy multiple KeyTalk basic servers (without additional license fees!) and in combination with the MySQL Db and the Load Balancer, you can easily combine them into one High Availability environment.
    • The KeyTalk LDAP Key Server / LDAP S/MIME address book can be added as a free module to the KeyTalk environment. This means that a single KeyTalk LDAP can hold up to 50 million certificates, with a reading rate of up to 22,000 reads per second.
    • Using the Smart Security Scan, you can map the network environment in detail, for a clear view of both the port and OS certification levels.

    KeyTalk Integrations

    KeyTalk facilitates a large number of integrations, including:

    Windows 7-10 | Outlook | Windows Server 2012R2 tm 2019 | IIS | Active Directory | Microsoft AD CS | Azure Active Directory | Android | iOS | MacOSX | Linux Ubuntu | Debian | CentOS | RedHat | Apache | TomCat | MobileIron Core | (Open)LDAP | Thales/Gemalto/SafeNet Luna HSM (PKCS#11) | Thales/Gemalto/SafeNet Data Protection On Demand | Radius (incl OTP tokens) | MySQL | GMO GlobalSign GCC | GMO GlobalSign Atlas | Digicert-QuoVadis | TRUSTZONE | VMware | Hyper-V | Azure | AWS | Google Cloud


    Please contact us for technical details, questions or requests. Our PKI Experts are happy to think alongside you.

    Why KeyTalk?

    At KeyTalk, we have been working on a wide range of certificate management issues since 2003. As a result, our underlying licensing model is different from that of our competitors and you often pay less. In addition, our solutions are especially easy to deploy, regardless of whether a handful of several million end-points are involved.

    Most of our customers use KeyTalk to run thousands of end-points within one day.

    Another important advantage of KeyTalk: we develop on one product, so you can be sure that all functionality is well maintained. We build new functionalities for this platform day in and day out, often specifically at the request of customers. On request, we have developed the internal private CA, as well as various links with AD, Azure AD, MDM and many other integrations.

    Would you like to know more?

    Do you wish to be provided with a demo, Proof of Concept or directly technical in-depth consultation with one of our PKI experts? Feel free to contact us, we are happy to think along with you!