Smart Security Scan

Smart Security Scan

For a complete and detailed picture of all certificates, ‘open’ ports and vulnerabilities in your (web) applications and network environment.

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    The KeyTalk Smart Security Scan provides you with a detailed view of vulnerabilities in (web) applications and the network environment, such as TCP/UDP service scans, system configuration errors and expired SSL certificates.

    What’s special is that you can use custom scanning scripts and commands, a large number of third party software integrations and your own scan packages and reports.

    The Smart Security Scan is fully OWASP top 10 compliant, but we check more than that: Google malware, data leaks, shodan listing and DNS misconfiguration issues.

    Smart Security Scan in Practice

    The Smart Security Scan focuses on common vulnerabilities. By default, we check for SSL-related security problems. We display all measurable SSL/TLS certificates, including their validity, crypto keys used and algorithms. The status of ‘open’ gates is also included per IP, including connection support (TLS1.x and cyphers used).

    • Hosting: the Smart Security Scan is available as a virtual appliance and hosted as a service. Agent installation on server or end-point is not necessary.
    • Output: available as HTML or raw JSON data.

    Technical details

    The functionalities of the Smart Security Scan:

    • OWASP 10 2017/2018 compliant (XSS, SQLi, BAC, SDA, CSRF, API, SESSION and Auth)
    • General security test for web applications
    • Basic SSL security tests (valid and weak ciphers)
    • Extensive SSL Labs security tests (full SSL scan)
    • Google Malware validation
    • Data leak / leak investigation
    • SHODAN listing validation
    • TCP Network service scans
    • UDP Network service scans
    • BEAST/Poodle/Oracle/ SSL related scans
    • Mail server security scan (DKIM, DMARC, SPF, Spam, Blacklisting)
    • ShellShock
    • SQL Injection
    • Misconfiguration
    • WordPress security scans
    • Joomla security scans
    • Web application firewall tests
    • OWASP Secure Header tests
    • Custom reports
    • Create your own scan packages
    • Recurring scans
    • Implement custom security checking scripts
    • WSDL Security scans
    • PDF Reports
    • Planned scans
    • DNS Security
    • IP Blacklisting check (SPAM)
    • Mobile app
    • On-premises scanning
    • Easy application integration with custom code libraries
    • Easy application integration with our API

    Would you like to know more?

    Do you wish to be provided with a demo, Proof of Concept or directly technical in-depth consultation with one of our PKI experts? Feel free to contact us, we are happy to think along with you!