DLR Kredit, Denmark

DLR Kredit, Denmark

PKI Certificate management – SSL/TLS certificate management for web servers.

DLR Kredit is a mortgage bank owned by local and regional banks. They provide loans for agricultural and urban real estate against mortgages based on bond issuance.

Their lending areas include agricultural properties (land and horticulture) and urban real estate, etc. (private rental housing, apartments, office and commercial buildings, industrial and artisanal properties, and general housing).

DLR Kredit (formerly the Danish Agricultural Mortgage Fund) was established in 1960. The establishment was initiated by the bank and savings bank associations (now Finans Danmark) and was the result of several years of prior considerations on the agricultural credit terms.

DLR Kredit uses KeyTalk CKMS to manage the SSL/TLS certificates on their servers. They have several servers; Windows with IIS webservers, Windows servers with IBM HTTP webservers, and RedHat Enterprise with Apache and Tomcat webservers.