TK Elevator, Germany headquarters and all global locations.

TK Elevator, Germany headquarters and all global locations.

KeyTalk CKMS, certificate authentication for all user devices through integration with Intune – Private root of GlobalSign is used for certificates with integration via KeyTalk CKMS.

TKE, which became independent last year after being sold by the former parent company Thyssen Krupp, has the slogan “Engineering that keeps the world moving.” This is what TKE itself says:

“We are moved by what moves people. By what moves the world in ever-growing cities. We offer better access and new ways to travel longer distances. With clear solutions for increasingly complex infrastructures. We work service-oriented and always put our knowledge at the service of our customers. We constantly strive for improvement, every day anew. This is who we are. This is TK Elevator. Engineering that keeps the world moving.”

TKE was looking for a cloud-based certificate management solution to provide its 60,000+ workstations at over 1,000 locations worldwide with short-lived authentication certificates. The three-year contract for the KeyTalk CKMS, which automatically installs and replaces GlobalSign machine certificates on all workstations every 5 days, is one of the largest contracts for KeyTalk.

At TKE, a solution is provided based on a private root of GlobalSign. By connecting with the GlobalSign Atlas platform, the certificates are managed by the KeyTalk CKMS and then further distributed to MS Intune for installation on various Windows, Mac OS X, Android, and iOS devices. Usage is growing daily, with ultimately more than 60,000 devices being supported.

See also the TKE website.