KeyTalk launches a complete redesign of CKMS

KeyTalk launches a complete redesign of CKMS
25 Jun ‘21

The KeyTalk CKMS was already very good (if we may say so ourselves), but not as eye-catching. The design was created a while ago which made it a little outdated. That’s why we have worked hard over the past few months to create a brand new UI/UX design which has been redeveloped from scratch.

This version is a much better fit for the latest generation of web software, and is even more in line with PKI standards and concepts in terms of terminology. A first impression you can see on the right;

This is the 2nd large release update of this year, as we have previously replaced the underlying OS of the KeyTalk CKMS for Ubuntu 20.04 LTS in the 6.1.x family.  With the latest 6.2.x release, the new user interface is now available as well.

In the coming months, we will work on various other developments of the fix, about which more can be read in the upcoming blog.



Together with our partners, we have started a series of webinars on the growing threat of Business Email Compromise or Email Account Compromise (BEC/EAC).

As is well known, this form of cybercrime has risen to become the biggest cyber security threat of the moment, with estimated damages of more than 20 billion dollars worldwide.

Less known is that the use of a digital signature by means of an S/MIME certificate offers an excellent 1st line of defence against these BEC/EAC attacks. The Secure Email Service, which we offer via our partners in conjuction with top CA’s like DigiCert and GlobalSign, provides such a certificate together with the fully automated application, roll out, configuration and of course administration of the certificate for the user.

The first webinar was presented together with our partners Arrow & Thales on March 16th this year. Its subject was the very secure setup of the Hosted Secure Email Service which, among others, uses the Thales DPoD Service (an SaaS HSM) for the secure storage of the required signing and crypto keys. The second webinar was organised by our partner Avensus on Friday June 11th. This webinar was part of the Avensus Expert Sessions, on the subject of “Business Email Compromise”.

The following partners will organise similar webinars in the upcoming period:


If you are interested in the new ‘Look & Feel’ of the KeyTalk CKMS, or want to learn more about:

  • The (Hosted) Secure Email Service
  • The KeyTalk Smart Security Scan
  • The Secure LDAP Directory Service
  • The KeyTalk – MS Intune integration

You can book a demo here!

The KeyTalk Team