KeyTalk’s Solution for Enhanced Email Security in the US Government Cloud

KeyTalk’s Solution for Enhanced Email Security in the US Government Cloud
09 Apr ‘24


In today’s digital age, the pivot towards encrypted email communication is not just a preference but a necessity across various sectors. This trend is vividly observed within organizations, industries, and significantly, within the sprawling expanse of the US Government Cloud. Central to this secure email exchange is the use of S/MIME (Secure/Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions) certificates, a standard that ensures email messages are read only by the intended recipients. However, the journey towards adopting S/MIME encryption is fraught with complexities, particularly concerning the manual enrollment, installation, and configuration of these certificates for platforms like MS365 Outlook.

The process is inherently time-consuming and technical, requiring substantial effort from the users’ end. Moreover, while Certificate Authorities (CAs) such as DigiCert, GlobalSign, and Sectigo play a pivotal role in issuing these certificates, their support in facilitating a smoother integration process is inherently constrained. Their primary function revolves around certificate issuance rather than easing the intricacies of installation and management for end-users, leaving a significant gap in user experience and operational efficiency.

KeyTalk is there to help

Enter KeyTalk, a beacon of innovation in the realm of digital security. Recognizing the critical need for streamlined, secure email communications within the US Government Cloud and beyond, KeyTalk offers a solution that simplifies the S/MIME certificate lifecycle management. By addressing the cumbersome manual processes associated with certificate enrollment, installation, and configuration, KeyTalk not only enhances the security posture of email communications but also significantly reduces the operational burden on users.

Understanding S/MIME Certificate Management

  • Private Key Security: The security of private keys is paramount. While CAs do not manage private keys for S/MIME certificates, systems like KeyTalk CKMS ensure their security and the certificate’s integrity by keeping the keys under the user’s control.
  • Certificate Re-issuance: Re-using S/MIME certificates on new devices typically requires secure export and import of the certificate and private key, bypassing the need for CA re-issuance.

Challenges Beyond CA Support Deploying S/MIME certificates across multiple devices and configurations, such as MS Intune and MS365 Outlook, presents various challenges:

  1. Private Key Security and Management: Ensuring the private keys’ security across devices is crucial, requiring a sophisticated management approach.
  2. User Experience: Simplifying certificate (re)enrollment and configuration, particularly in predominant business tools like MS Outlook, is essential for non-IT expert users.
  3. Re-enrollment and Certificate Renewal: Automating this process ensures that new certificates are efficiently deployed and historical ones maintained for legality and accessibility.
  4. Integration with Enterprise Systems: Seamlessly integrating S/MIME certificates with systems like MS Intune and automating MS365 Outlook configurations can be complex but necessary for smooth operation.

KeyTalk’s Comprehensive Solution

Addressing these challenges necessitates a holistic strategy focusing on security, usability, and efficient management. The KeyTalk Certificate and Key Management System (CKMS) stands out by fulfilling all these requirements, offering a robust solution for managing secure email communications.

Learn More with KeyTalk If securing email communication with S/MIME certificates is a challenge for your organization, the KeyTalk team is ready to assist. Contact us to explore how KeyTalk CKMS can meet your needs or sign up for our upcoming seminar on Enhancing Email Security with S/MIME


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