Our services

Our services

Our powerful Certificate Key Management System (CKMS) makes implementation, distribution and management of certificates easy.

We have been doing this for over 15 years, independently of Certificate Authorities (CAs), for millions of users and devices worldwide.

Is your organisation struggling with traditionally complex issues associated with PKI Management, such as Certificate Lifecycle Management (CLM), S/MIME certificate and private key rollover, integrations with MDM or switching between CAs? Then, KeyTalk offers insight, overview, convenience and control.

Below, you can read more about the KeyTalk CKMS and our solutions such as secure e-mail with LDAP address book / Key Server, and our smart security scan. Do you prefer direct 1-on-1 contact with one of our PKI experts? Feel free to contact us. We would greatly enjoy thinking about it together.

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CKMS Certificate Key Managment System

KeyTalk CKMS is designed to make certificate implementation, distribution and management simple, efficient and accurate.

We do this using a globally patented technology that seamlessly integrates with your existing infrastructure. Extremely scalable, affordable, user-friendly and flexible.

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Secure email

Did you know that most emails can be intercepted quite easily? And that on average, 14 (!) readable copies of every e-mail exist ‘somewhere’ in the world?

If you happen to share your privacy or business-sensitive information by e-mail (like any other company…), then encryption and digital signing of your e-mails is a must. KeyTalk removes all practical problems and makes implementation and management uncomplicated.

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Smart Security Scan

Do you have a clear image of the vulnerabilities of your (web) applications and network environment? The KeyTalk Smart Security Scan will help you.

This provides you with a detailed overview of all available certificates and ‘open’ gates at a glance. The Smart Security Scan offers you a complete image of all common vulnerabilities. And flexible, with room for custom scripts, commands, integrations and reports.

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