Secure email

Secure email

Encryption and signature of messages is a must for any organisation that shares privacy or business-sensitive information by e-mail (and that applies to all organisations).

In regards to the compliance with the AVG / GDPR and other legislation, it is essential to have a secure e-mail environment.

Privacy and business sensitive information

It doesn’t matter whether you mainly mail internally or externally. Your e-mails are only intended for the intended recipient. It is strange, isn’t it, that the majority of e-mails sent are hardly protected against unauthorised readers?

“It’s actually weird that we’re spreading information en masse via unencrypted e-mails. It’s like sending sensitive information out in the open on a postcard.”

Whether you work with the company data or customer data: unauthorised readers are not allowed. You can prevent this by not only securing your e-mail environment but also by encrypting your messages and signing them digitally. So that messages are not just readable and the recipient is always sure of who the sender of a message is.

Business email compromise and CEO-fraud

An example from the field. What do the CEO fraud at Pathé (19 million euros), email fraud at Belgian bank Crelan (70 million euros) and email scam at Toyota Boshoku (37 million dollars) have in common? KeyTalk could have prevented these cases of identity fraud.

It sounds very far away, yet Business Email Compromise (BEC), such as CEO fraud, is a regular occurrence. Fraudsters infiltrate the mail server and adopt the communication style of the CEO or other high-ranking figures. They prepare themselves very well, with the help of public information and sufficiently secured internal sources. Sometimes, they watch for months before they strike. This type of identity fraud is one of the many reasons to take a solid security email environment seriously.


The good news: secure email is within easy reach. An important step is to encrypt your e-mails and provide them with a digital signature. To do this, use S/MIME, the ‘secure’ variant of the MIME protocol – the Internet standard for e-mail. This safe version of the standard dates back to 1996 and, unfortunately, has hardly been adopted more than twenty years after its introduction. Often, due to practical objections: both implementation and management are cumbersome and quite complicated.

With KeyTalk, we sweep these practical objections aside. We make it easy to implement and manage S/MIME. Even in the case of complex infrastructure, large numbers of internal and external contacts or the use of temporary certificates. Whether it’s tens of thousands of users or a small group of users – KeyTalk truly makes secure email possible for any organization.

In a number of ways, we do that:

  • KeyTalk offers key roll-over: users can use the key associated with a certificate easily and fully automatically on different devices. In short, you can use your e-mail not only on your laptop but also on your smartphone and other devices. This technique is patented worldwide.
  • KeyTalk offers an LDAP address book / key server, a centrally managed database with information regarding the utilized e-mail encryption of all trusted contacts.
  • KeyTalk offers free S/MIME certificates for external relations. This makes emails to third parties securely encrypted and digitally-signed as well as easy and inexpensive. Ideal for contact with customers, partners and other relations.

“Although we were one of the first customers to choose the combined Secure Email Service from GlobalSign & KeyTalk and we had to overcome some initial hurdles, we got fantastic support from the KeyTalk team and the service is working perfectly now. I would absolutely recommend their Secure Email Service to any company that needs easy-to-use end-to-end secure email communication.


— Matteo Snidero, Head of IT @ Finance in Motion

KeyTalk Secure E-mail Service

The KeyTalk Secure E-mail Service is a maximum scalable solution, efficient and affordable and directly applicable from 1 user. We offer this service in cooperation with our Certificate Authority partners QuoVadis/Digicert (more info PDF) and GMO GlobalSign (more info PDF).

More information regarding the technical aspects of this service can be found here. Do you want to know more, do you have specific questions or would you like to see a demo or Proof of Concept? Feel free to contact one of our PKI Experts – we are happy to think along with you!

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