Secure Email Service

Secure Email Service

Business Email Compromise (BEC) is a dangerous form of cybercrime, as the damage amounts to over $20 billion a year worldwide. KeyTalk offers a very strong and simple ‘first line of defence’, in cooperation with DigiCert and GlobalSign.

What do the CEO fraud at Pathé (19 million euros), email scams at Belgian bank Crelan (70 million euros) and email scams at Toyota Boshoku (37 million dollars) have in common? KeyTalk could have prevented these cases of identity fraud.

It sounds foreign, yet Business Email Compromise (BEC), such as CEO fraud, is a regular occurrence. Fraudsters infiltrate the mail server and adopt the communication style of the CEO or other high-ranking figures. They prepare themselves very well, with the help of public information and sufficiently secured internal sources. Sometimes, they watch for months before they strike. This kind of identity fraud is one of the many reasons to take solid email security seriously.

Fortunately, there is an easy-to-implement ‘first line of defence’: the KeyTalk Secure Email Service (SES), in cooperation with DigiCert and Globalsign.

Easy digital signing with S/MIME

KeyTalk Secure Email Service (SES) consists of digitally signing and possibly encrypting all employee messages. By means of an S/MIME certificate, all mail exchanges are provided with a digital signature, which serves as proof of the sender’s identity. The recipient sees at a glance whether the message from the CEO, financial administration or colleague has been signed. Is that not the case? Then you know immediately that something is not right.

Important to know: S/MIME is not new. This secure variant of the standard MIME protocol dates back to 1996. Twenty years after its introduction, S/MIME is unfortunately still hardly established. The technology is good, but both implementation and management are cumbersome and quite complicated.

With KeyTalk, we sweep these practical objections aside. Our software makes implementation and management easy and does not require extensive knowledge or time investment. You can effortlessly collect, install and mass roll-out certificates to employees. Outlook and other common e-mail clients are automatically and immediately configured, without the effort of end-users. Signing is done by default, encryption can be used optionally.

A signed e-mail can be easily recognised by the symbol in the header:

“Although we were one of the first customers to choose the combined Secure Email Service from GlobalSign & KeyTalk and we had to overcome some initial hurdles, we got fantastic support from the KeyTalk team and the service is working perfectly now. I would absolutely recommend their Secure Email Service to any company that needs easy-to-use end-to-end secure email communication.


— Matteo Snidero, Head of IT @ Finance in Motion

First line of defence against Business Email Compromise

KeyTalk SES provides the perfect first line of defence against BEC scams and makes S/MIME deployment very easy. Even in the case of complex infrastructure, large numbers of internal and external contacts or the use of temporary certificates. Whether it is with tens of thousands of users or just a small group – KeyTalk makes truly secure e-mail possible for every organisation.

A summary of the advantages:

  • Deploying and managing S/MIME certificates has never been easier. We make implementation and usage very simple. No intensive knowledge or time investment is required. Roll-out can often be achieved within a day.
  • Digital signing of e-mail is a robust, proven technology. KeyTalk integrates all necessary components into a total solution (automated request, deployment, installation and configuration of the S/MIME certificate).
  • Employees can continue to use their familiar e-mail client; KeyTalk supports most common clients. Every outgoing e-mail will automatically have a digital signature so that the recipient is certain of the origin of the message.
  • The Secure Email Service is competitively priced and can easily be scaled up or down.

Curious about the technical aspects and application of this service? Read more about our Secure Email Service (SES).

Do you want to know more, do you have specific questions or would you like to see a demo or Proof of Concept? Feel free to contact one of our PKI Experts – we are happy to think along with you!

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