Smart Security Scan

Smart Security Scan

Solid security begins with a good image of the environment.

The Smart Security Scan is an IT Security Scan platform that scans for vulnerabilities in (web) applications and the network environment. This way, you can showcase all certificates and ‘open’ gates in detail.

All the flexibility you could wish for

The Smart Security Scan is fully equipped against common vulnerabilities. You can customize it if you wish: create your own scan packages and reports.

  • Available as virtual appliance or hosted service
  • No agent installation is required on server or endpoint for standard scans
  • Output is available as HTML or raw JSON data

By default, we check for SSL-related security problems. We display all measurable SSL/TLS certificates, including their validity, crypto keys used and algorithms. The status of ‘open’ gates is also included per IP, in addition to connection support (TLS1.x and cyphers used).

Man laptop

Some of the other possibilities:

  • The Smart Security Scan is familiar with all common OSes
  • CRL / OCSP status
  • Downgrade Attacks
  • Heartbleed
  • ROBOT attack

More functionalities and further technical details can be found in the Factsheet Smart Security Scan (PDF).

Would you like to know more or receive a demo? Feel free to contact us. Our PKI Experts are happy to think alongside you.