Danish partner TRUSTZONE signs a new deal with one of the biggest mortgage banks in Denmark

Danish partner TRUSTZONE signs a new deal with one of the biggest mortgage banks in Denmark
10 Apr ‘20

With more than 25 prospective projects underway at TRUSTZONE’s sales team, it was only a matter of time before the first order would come in. “The first job is always the hardest,” says Daniel Bardrum, TRUSTZONE’s new sales manager. There are no local references yet and the KeyTalk platform is still new for the sales and support staff. The first Danish customer is one of the largest mortgage bank in Denmark, originally founded in 1960 as a mortgage fund for the Danish agricultural sector, the bank is now one of the top 10 largest banks in Denmark and is a great reference.

According to Daniel, the second customer for the KeyTalk platform is also almost on board, the expectation is that it will be signed in the near future, so the future looks good for KeyTalk in the Nordics.


TRUSTZONE is one of the leading providers of digital certificates in Scandinavia, providing specific certificate solutions for the largest companies in Northern Europe. Since 2004, TRUSTZONE has issued more than 100,000 digital certificates for Danish and international customers and TRUSTZONE has been an official KeyTalk partner since 2019.

Virtual toast with TRUSTZONE

Product development

Our software development teams, like the rest at KeyTalk, all work from home in these difficult times due to the impact of the Covid-19 virus. Facilitating a highly secure way of working from home is a core quality of the KeyTalk CKMS platform, which allows our developers to continue to work productively at home and to add the following functionalities.

  • The ability to encrypt backup and service reports using an AES-256-GCM encryption key.
  • CRL and CDP support was originally facilitated by CA partners such as GlobalSign and Digicert QuoVadis, but we saw an increasing demand for the use of the internal KeyTalk CA certificates with a validity of > 24 hours, so we added CRL / CDP support from the internal KeyTalk CA as functionality.
  • Whereas KeyTalk normally develops various API-based integrations to external applications and systems, customers increasingly demanded that their systems and applications communicate with the KeyTalk platform on the basis of API integration. In order to facilitate this need, an admin API interface has been developed. To support this form of API integration according to the highest security standards, we have introduced certificate-based authentication to this API interface as the minimum standard.
  • More and more clients choose to use secure email certificates (S/MIME) for digitally signing and/or encrypting their email. With regard to digital signatures, we were asked whether we could build-in the possibility of configuring multiple signatures (disclaimers) per end-user based on multiple domains. That’s the case now!
  • The KeyTalk secure LDAP Directory Service, specially designed for publishing public key material from an email certificate on the Internet, now has the option of remote updates. Furthermore, the logging of events has been extended.

Which KeyTalk developments are planned for the 2nd quarter of 2020?

The KeyTalk development agenda is quite full, a few of the most important projects in the coming period are:

  • Utimaco HSM support.
  • Office 365 Intune support.
  • Extensive reporting possibilities.

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