KeyTalk can help GlobalSign clients with the mandatory reissue of certificates

KeyTalk can help GlobalSign clients with the mandatory reissue of certificates
22 Dec ‘20

On December 14, GlobalSign sent a repeated reminder to all its clients who are in possession of GlobalSign certificates issued by a specific GlobalSign Intermediate.

It concerns PersonalSign certificates issued by an affected Intermediate CA that will be withdrawn on February 24, 2021 (0:00 UTC).

  • This influences the validity of all GlobalSign PersonalSign certificates that have been issued before November 11, 2020 (for all applications), as soon as the withdrawal takes place.
  • For example, S/MIME and digital signatures will no longer be recognised as valid.
  • It specifically concerns EPKI Lite for Personal Digital ID or EPKI Lite for Department Digital ID certificates, issued before November 11, 2020. These have to be reissued and installed.

Subsequently, GlobalSign indicates that the following 3 steps are required to complete this reissue of S/MIME certificates,

  • Search for the affected PersonalSign certificates in the Enterprise PKI tab of your GCC Account
  • Reissue the affected certificates
  • Install the new certificate

The aforementioned steps are extensively described in the support pages of GlobalSign, but each IT/PKI administrator knows that this procedure is very tricky, especially when it concerns dozens, hundreds or even thousands of S/MIME certificates in an organisation.

One of the most important functionalities of the KeyTalk CKMS is the automated replacement of S/MIME certificates. We even created a dedicated service for this together with GlobalSign. ‘The Secure Email Service’ This service normally provides the automated rollout and administration of new GlobalSign S/MIME certificates, but it also works perfectly for a completely automated reissue of pre-existing S/MIME certificates.

So it might be an excellent idea to opt for this service at this particular moment, saving your IT management/PKI administration a lot of time and trouble.

The cost for the service is normally €60 per year per user/certificate, but we can offer it now for €30 per year per user/certificate. The service operates with a minimum order quantity of 10 units and it includes installation (remotely). If you order the service before January 15, you will receive an additional discount of €5 per user/certificate.

If you want to learn more about this service, you can leave your contact information via the ‘Contact Form’ button below. We will contact you directly.


The KeyTalk Team