KeyTalk is now integrated with Microsoft Intune!

KeyTalk is now integrated with Microsoft Intune!
29 May ‘20

Mobile Device Management solutions are used to manage apps, settings and security on mobile phones, laptops and tablets. With MDMs such as MobileIron and Airwatch as the leading solutions, Microsoft’s Intune is catching up.

MS Intune only supports native MS certificates and certificates from market leader Digicert. Recently, KeyTalk has – as the second business worldwide! – successfully integrated its Certificate Key Management System with Microsoft Intune. This allows Intune users to manage user and machine certificates from other CAs such as GlobalSign and Sectigo via KeyTalk’s PKI platform.

We have enabled the implementation of PFX-based certificates for Intune using Microsoft’s proprietary Graph API (beta) and implemented all certificate applications supported by Intune, such as S/MIME digital signing, S/MIME encryption, Wi-Fi authentication or VPN authentication.

Since the KeyTalk CKMS (Certificate Key Management System) is not dependent on MDM solutions for managing and deploying certificates and keys but also supports secure certificates and key transfer, you can now easily use the same certificate and key on multiple user devices (Certificate and Key rollover).

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