KeyTalk sees an increasing demand for safer ways to work and email during the ‘Covid’ year

KeyTalk sees an increasing demand for safer ways to work and email during the ‘Covid’ year
16 Dec ‘20

Just like other IT security businesses, KeyTalk sees an increasing demand for IT security products, such as the demand for its Certificate & Key Management System and its safe email service. An inquiry with clients provides a similar picture to what other IT security businesses indicate. Employees work from home a lot more, and certificate technology is viewed as an excellent solution to easily and cost-effectively enhance the security of the home office.

Some of the new clients who opted for KeyTalk IT Security software solutions this year:

  • Thyssenkrupp Elevator – made the news this year due to being sold by its parent company Thyssenkrupp to an investment consortium for 17.2 billion Euro, which made it completely independent. TKE was looking for a cloud based certificate management solution to provide its 30,000+ workplaces in more than a 1,000 locations worldwide with short-lived authentication certificates. The three-year deal for the KeyTalk CKMS, which automatically installs the GlobalSign machine certificates in all workplaces, and replaces them every 5 days, is one of the biggest contracts for KeyTalk.
  • Trafigura – the globally operated trading company, wanted to use digital certificates for the signing of all outbound emails by over 7,000 employees and agents, in order to better protect the organisation against Business Email Compromise, the no. 1 cyber security threat right now. In addition, the KeyTalk solution was the only one capable of automatically adapting the email disclaimer and managing it at user level for the more than 70 Trafigura businesses.
  • AEG Europe – part of the Anschutz Entertainment Group, is Europe’s no.1 sport and music events business. AEG Europe has selected KeyTalk together with GlobalSign for the automated rollout and management of +1,500 authentication certificates for users.
  • Fidelity Bank is the 2nd Nigerian Bank we have welcomed as a client. This was again realised by our excellent Nigerian/English partner Baverianvine. With Fidelity Bank it’s about the application of KeyTalk’s Secure Email Service, whereby Fidelity Bank does not only want to use the automatically deployed S/MIME certificates for digital signing of email, but also for end-to-end encryption of highly confidential messages and authentication of the workplace used by employees.
  • Flugger Group A/S – market leader in Denmark in the area of paint. It is one of many new end clients we have welcomed this year from Denmark and other Scandinavian countries. We owe this to our enthusiastic, skilled and very ambitious partner TRUSTZONE, who sees the KeyTalk CKMS and the Secure Email Service as important spearheads for their long-term customer loyalty.

We end the year with mixed feelings. On the one hand, there is great sorrow in human terms and a very substantial business setback in various industries due to the global Covid-19 pandemic. But on the other hand, we witness the positive developments in terms of new clients and partners which we have welcomed worldwide, and of which we expect an even greater increase in 2021. In any event, we will increase our efforts to make the world a little bit more IT secure in 2021.

We wish everyone healthy and very happy holidays, and that 2021 may bring more joy, health and collective festivities again!
The KeyTalk Team