KeyTalk Certificate Key Management System (CKMS)

KeyTalk Certificate Key Management System (CKMS)

KeyTalk: “Simply the best Certificate PKI Management platform in the world”

PKI and Certificate Lifecycle Management (CLM) do not have the best reputation. Implementation, management and distribution of certificates are known to be complex, cumbersome and labour-intensive.

It’s a shame, because it doesn’t have to be. The patented KeyTalk technology makes PKI management particularly simple, efficient and precise.

CA-independent management and distribution

KeyTalk is CA-independent and linked to a large number of public CAs, such as GMO GlobalSign and Digicert QuoVadis. Vendor lock-in is out of the question: switching between CAs is easy and arranged in no time, even when it concerns thousands of certificates and end-points.

In addition, KeyTalk contains an internal CA for the generation of private certificates (and keys). These can also be short-lived (temporary). The purchase of unnecessarily expensive public certificates for internal use is, therefore, a thing of the past.

Certificate Lifecycle Management System

For most organisations, Certificate Lifecycle Management is a crime. We still regularly visit departments where the duration of certificates is tracked in the Outlook calendar or an Excel file. This is not only cumbersome, but also error-prone.

KeyTalk keeps track of the lifecycle of your certificates in a fully automated way. This way, you always have a detailed and up-to-date overview, among other things, the certificate name, SAN and validity, but also the used crypto keys and algorithms of all your internal and external certificates, as an example. The renewal or roll-out of new certificates and switching to another CA is also easily done.

Flexible distribution to all types of servers and end-points

You can use KeyTalk for the distribution and management of large numbers of SSL, personal, machine and S/MIME certificates and (optional) key pairs. For servers, laptops, mobile phones, Internet of Things devices – whatever you can think of. We do that on almost every OS and multi-domain.

“KeyTalk can be used for distribution to almost every possible server and end-point: from laptops, tablets and telephones to IoT devices and network devices.

We facilitate this through our own apps for deployment, integration with MDM solutions (such as MobileIron) and HSMs (such as Luna), support for various directory services (AD), authentication protocols (such as Kerberos) and custom scripts and/or REST-APIs for distribution to user devices, servers and IoT devices.

KeyTalk Integrations

KeyTalk facilitates a large number of integrations, including:

Windows 7-10 | Outlook | Windows Server 2012R2 tm 2019 | IIS | Active Directory | Microsoft AD CS | Azure Active Directory | Android | iOS | MacOSX | Linux Ubuntu | Debian | CentOS | RedHat | Apache | TomCat | MobileIron Core | (Open)LDAP | Thales/Gemalto/SafeNet Luna HSM (PKCS#11) | Thales/Gemalto/SafeNet Data Protection On Demand | Radius (incl OTP tokens) | MySQL | GMO GlobalSign GCC | GMO GlobalSign Atlas | Digicert-QuoVadis | TRUSTZONE | VMware | Hyper-V | Azure | AWS | Google Cloud


Please contact us for technical details, questions or requests. Our PKI Experts are happy to think alongside you.

What would you like to know?

There is a lot that we can tell you regarding the KeyTalk platform. From technical details to business cases and everything in between. So much so that it might be better to answer your questions directly.

Feel free to contact us: our PKI Experts will think along with you, can discuss specific use cases and are happy to provide you with a demo or Proof of Concept.

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