KeyTalk’s Secure Email Service also provides full encryption for MS 365 Outlook

KeyTalk’s Secure Email Service also provides full encryption for MS 365 Outlook
01 Nov ‘22

In addition to supporting the digital signing of email based on S/MIME certificates by the automated configuration of MS 365, KeyTalk’s Secure Email Service also provides additional support for easy encryption in MS 365 for Outlook, Outlook for Mac and Outlook for Mobile.

To send encrypted email via the ‘options’ in Outlook, as the sender you have to be in possession of the public key of the S/MIME certificate of the receiver.

Within your own organization this is easy to achieve by storing the public key in the account of the user on the Active Directory (AD), where it’s easy to synchronize this data with the Azure Active Directory (AAD) of MS 365.

More and more organizations and businesses rely solely on an MS 365 cloud environment, which makes it difficult to write public key data to the AAD, and even impossible for ‘shared’ mailboxes such as, among others, info@. It is therefore no longer possible for a system administrator to store the public keys for all users in the AAD at once. So the users have to go through this difficult process themselves, which means that it will rarely be done.

KeyTalk’s Secure Email Service does provide a way to instantly store the S/MIME certificates of users and shared mailboxes in the Azure AD.

This makes it very simple to use S/MIME encryption between colleagues, which is therefore strongly recommended to prevent the possibility of emails being read by Business Email Compromise hackers.

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The KeyTalk Team